Concrete Ballast Bulk Bag

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Quantity: 1000kg (1 tonne) bulk bag.

Coverage: 1000kg of concrete ballast will typically cover 11m2 (11m x 1m) at a depth of 50mm.

Consists of: Concrete ballast is a mixture of sand, gravel and small pebbles.

Usage: Ideal for garden walls, fence posts and paving, our concreting ballast is even strong enough to use for conservatory and building footings. Just add the appropriate amount of cement and water depending on your intended use.

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Concrete Ballast Bulk Bag From £71.25 inc. VAT

Concrete is prepared using several components, with concrete ballast one of the key ingredients alongside cement and water. A mixture of sand and gravel or pebbles, this coarse aggregate makes up the bulk of the concrete mix, with the ratio dependent on the application. For example, a mix thats one part cement and six parts concrete ballast would be ideal for laying a sub-base for a driveway, but if youre pouring building footings youd want to increase the amount of aggregate to eight parts (1:8).

Our bags of ballast for concrete come ready mixed and just require the addition of cement, water and any other additives or admixtures. Ready mixed ballast is convenient because you don’t need to source sharp sand separately as its already present in the mix, along with gravel or pebbles typically ranging from 10-20mm in size.

Key features

  • Ready mixed ballast includes sand, gravel and pebbles.
  • Just add cement, water and any other additive or admixture you require.
  • Strong, coarse aggregate ideal for footings, including building foundations.
  • Can also be used as filler for voids in construction or hard landscaping projects.
  • Material sourced locally.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Contact us if you require loose load delivery.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Aggregate type

Concrete ballast

Bag size

1000kg (1 tonne) bulk bag



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