Decorative Bark Chippings Bulk Bag (750ltr)

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Quantity: 750ltr bulk bag.

Coverage: 750ltrs of ornamental bark chippings will typically cover 12m2 (12m x 1m) at a depth of 50mm.

Consists of: conifer bark chippings.

Usage: Decorative bark makes for long-lasting mulch or ground cover and is easy to maintain. It’s suitable for any outdoor area, including domestic or commercial, and is ideal for pubs, hotels and other businesses looking to create a rustic, authentic woodland environment.

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Decorative Bark Chippings Bulk Bag (750ltr) From £71.25 inc. VAT

Our high quality decorative bark chippings are a fantastic way to add a rustic element to a wide variety of landscaping projects. Remember to cover the area with a weed membrane first and then add a thick layer of bark to create a tidy and sleek finish – it really is as simple as that. Ornamental bark not only looks good but also benefits your plants. Bark chippings protect plant roots against adverse weather conditions by insulating them during winter months. Bark helps to suppress weeds by stopping sunlight from reaching the little seeds that form when weeds are first developing, therefore reducing time spent you spend on garden maintenance. Our decorative bark facilitates excellent drainage as bark layer allows water to penetrate to the soil and roots below. At the same time, bark chippings reduce evaporation from the soils top layer and therefore retain more moisture, which is particularly important during hotter months. Garden bark chippings can last between seven to 10 years when maintained properly by watering regularly making them a cost effective option.

Our decorative bark chippings bulk bag is ideal for covering large areas such as beer gardens and hotel outdoor spaces.

Key features

  • Ornamental bark is an attractive way to fill out a border or flowerbed.
  • Rustic, earthy aesthetic and conifer bark has pleasant alpine fragrance.
  • Works to suppress weeds without need for harsh chemical weed killer.
  • Can be used to create natural pathways.
  • Excellent drainage in winter and water retention during the summer months.
  • Protect vulnerable plant roots from extreme weather conditions.
  • Bulk bag ideal for covering large areas and bulk discounts available.
  • Garden bark chippings are easy to incorporate into any landscaping project.
  • Low maintenance and don’t need to be replaced for many years.
  • Flowers will stand out on a neutral background.
  • Improves soil fertility as the organic matter decomposes.
  • Contact us if you require loose load delivery.

Additional information

Weight 180 kg
Bag size

750ltr bulk bag

Please note: Many of the products we sell are natural materials and as such, our photographs are intended for illustrative purposes only, with variations in shape, size and colour possible.

3 reviews for Decorative Bark Chippings Bulk Bag (750ltr)

  1. Maureen Guy

    Location: Southport

    Everything – competitive, quality product, tightly packed in large bag. Will buy again using this supplier.

  2. gillian hutchings

    Location: Chorley

    Great quality, large chunky bark . Great price

  3. martin pugh

    Location: blackpool

    very good quality bark. delivery excellent, driver helpful, would recommend highly.

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