Pre-Turfing Soil Bulk Bag

From £61.75 inc. VAT

Quantity: 1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag.

Covers: A tonne bag of pre-turfing soil will typically cover 13m2 (13m x 1m) at 50mm deep.

Contains: Sand and compost blended with the addition of pre-turfing conditioner.

Usage: Ideal for use when preparing a lawn turf sub-base as it contains all the ingredients the lawn requires to ensure its successful development.

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Pre-Turfing Soil Bulk Bag From £61.75 inc. VAT

Our pre-turfing soil is made up of a mix of sand and compost, and features an organic pre-turf conditioner that gradually releases key nutrients that a new lawn requires for healthy and successful development. As old, existing soil can lose nutrients over time, it’s important that pre-surfing soil is added prior to laying a new lawn. Pre-turfing soil will also help roots find water to achieve the best growing results, and the nourishing fertiliser will aid lawn development for up to four months. The sandy composition of our soil provides excellent drainage properties and works to soak up water and prevent boggy lawns, while the compost will help to retain moisture over warmer months to keep your grass green and healthy. You’ll also find that our pre-turfing soil improves soil structure, nourishing the soil beneath it.

Our pre-turfing soil has a friable consistency that’s ideal for raking, making it easy to create a perfectly level finish. It can be used as a mix with compost in flowerbeds as the consistency of the soil allows roots to form easily.

Key features

  • Sand and compost-based pre-turfing soil.
  • Contains an organic based pre-turf conditioner that gradually releases key nutrients over time.
  • An essential addition to your surface prior to laying turf as it provides a rich base for turf to root in.
  • Friable consistency making it easy to rake for a perfectly level finish.
  • Excellent drainage properties to prevent boggy lawns.
  • Provides ideal conditions for the healthy growth of your lawn.
  • Provides nourishment for up to four months.
  • Multi-use for both pre-turf base and planting beds.
  • Contact us if you require loose load delivery.

Additional information

Soil type

Border soil

Bag size

1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag



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4 reviews for Pre-Turfing Soil Bulk Bag

  1. Rob Harris

    Location: Burnley

    Helpful driver, excellent quality soil. Very pleased

  2. Mike Hill

    Location: Whalley Range Cricket Club

    I asked for it to be left in a specific place and it was left in the car-park, which means I have to spend more money getting it to where I need it

  3. Bev carney

    Location: Blackpool

    It was delivered quickly and was good quality.

  4. Robert Speakman

    Location: Leigh

    Soil and sand delivered on time and the driver was very helpful and delivered exactly where I wanted. Good quality sand and soil with no stones

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