Builders Sand Bulk Bag

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Quantity: 1000kg (1 tonne) bulk bag.

Coverage: 1000kg of builders sand will typically cover 12m² (12m x 1m) at a depth of 50mm.

Consists of: Fine-grained builders sand, soft sand or orange sand.

Usage: Use in construction to mix mortars and cement or as a levelling aggregate. Can be used as support when laying flag stones, concrete slabs and block paving. Avoid use near planting due to high salt content.

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Builders Sand Bulk Bag From £48.93 inc. VAT

Building sand is a fine-grained aggregate that is used widely in construction for various purposes, and is frequently called soft sand or orange sand by those in the industry. A naturally formed sand taken from the sea, it is finer that sharp sands (also used widely in construction), and provides the smooth consistency necessary for many applications.

As builders sand is taken from the sea it has a high salt content and therefore should be used carefully in the garden, as many plants will not thrive in such conditions. That said, it can be used to aid drainage in the garden provided that you understand the risks and avoid using the sand near planting that will be vulnerable to its high salt content. One benefit of the high salt content is that it can be used as a de-icing salt substitute if necessary, as the salt works to melt ice in cold conditions.

Due to its drainage characteristics, construction sand is ideally suited to use as a levelling aggregate, an ingredient in mortar and as a cost-effective sub-base for stone flags or block paving.

Key features

  • Consists of small particles, ideal for use where fine consistency is required.
  • Use as a levelling aggregate or to support stone flags, concrete slabs and block paving.
  • Builders sand forms naturally and is taken from the sea so has high salt content.
  • Take care when using building sand around the garden as salt can harm plants.
  • Rock salt substitute due to high salt content.
  • Contact us if you require loose load delivery.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Sand type

Building sand

Bag size

1000kg (1 tonne) bulk bag



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    Having read reviews from a few suppliers decided to go to NW Aggregates based on quality and cost. Not disappointed will definitely use again

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