Welcome To North West Aggregates Ltd

North West Aggregates Limited is a family-run business est. 1990 and based in the North West of England.

Our main activities include:

  • Supplying the highest quality of seed grown, weed free and slow growing turf.
  • Our Topsoil; either our lovely fertile screened soil or the "As-Dug', supplied on a very high demand basis.
  • Proving our very popular aggregate products, such as Bark, Woodchip, Compost, Decorative Slate, Gravel and much more.

North West Aggregates's main objective is to provide the public with our constant expertise in customer service and the products to match! As a company we are constantly working on improving our products and services.

In the beginning, Greenvale harvested turf from sheep grazed meadows; this was achieved by using a pedestrian turf cutter and loaded on to a pick up truck. The turf was then distributed locally, supplied to our contractors or used on Greenvale's own landscaping projects.

North West Aggregates then excelled, expanding its products and services to meet the demands of business.

Today, North West Aggregates have invested in modern machinery for the turf cutting and also purchased their own wide fleet of vehicles, with off loading facilities for deliveries.

We are always working on making our changes to our collection yard, recently built newly constructed loading bays and also a very attractive reception area - providing a much more welcoming environment for our customers who collect direct.