Lawn Top Dressing Soil Bulk Bag

From £80.75 inc. VAT

Quantity: 1000kg (1 tonne) bulk bag.

Covers: 1000kg of lawn top soil can dress 100-200m2 of lawn.

Contains: 70% sand, 30% soil.

Usage: Our lawn top dressing soil is a 70/30 blend of free-draining sand and loamy soil, perfect to bring a tired lawn back to life and level any minor dips or hollows in the surface.


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Lawn Top Dressing Soil Bulk Bag From £80.75 inc. VAT

Our lawn top soil is a 70/30 blend of free-draining horticultural sand and loamy soil that can be applied to an existing lawn to stimulate growth or to promote seed germination when overseeding. A high quality product that’s perfectly balanced for its intended use, our lawn dressing soil will enhance root structure, aid drainage and increase nutrient levels, resulting in a healthier looking and vigorously growing lawn. It will also break down thatch and is suitable for use following scarification and aeration, as it will enter the turf and improve the structure of the existing growing medium. Another benefit of lawn top soil is that it can be used to level the surface when raked into shallow dips and hollows, and can be used in conjunction with grass seed to deal with unsightly bare spots. Once applied you can look forward to your lawn being transformed in a matter of weeks, with the colour deepening and the sward density increasing. Your healthier lawn will also be more resilient to both drought and prolongued heavy rainfall, as healthy grass is more robust, less disease prone and is able to bounce back from damage caused by challenging weather conditions.

1000kg of lawn dressing soil typically covers 100-200m2 but this is dependent on the health of the existing grass and extent of any imperfections in the surface. Apply in spring and/or autumn, distributing the soil evenly with the back of a rake before brushing into the lawn with a stiff brush. If the weather’s dry, water immediately afterwards, wait around 10 days before mowing and try to reduce footfall for a couple weeks, particularly if you’ve overseeded.

Key features

  • 70/30 premixed blend of dry sand and loam-based soil, perfect for breathing new life into a tired looking lawn.
  • Promotes growth of existing grass, resulting in higher sward density.
  • Will encourage freshly sown seed to germinate where you’ve overseeded.
  • Breaks down the thatch layer and prevents it from forming as quickly.
  • Free-draining sand will improve the structure of existing soil and enhance its drainage properties.
  • Fill minor dips and hollows or restore bare patches.
  • Contact us if you require loose load delivery.

Additional information

Soil type

Lawn top dressing soil

Bag size

1000kg (1 tonne) bulk bag

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