New Green Tanalised (Pressure Treated) Railway Sleepers

£22.20 inc. VAT

Our 2.4m long, high quality green softwood sleepers have been tanalised with wood preserver whilst under pressure to ensure longevity. Suitable for use in domestic gardens and allotments, as well as commercial projects, they’re often used to provide edging for lawns and patios, or to construct raised beds, vegetable planters and retaining walls.


New Green Tanalised (Pressure Treated) Railway Sleepers £22.20 inc. VAT

Our green treated sleepers are new railway sleepers hewn from high quality softwood prior to undergoing tanalisation, which protects the sleepers from rot, damp and decay for many years. Tanalisation is a process that involves impregnating the sleeper with TANALITH® E wood preserver whilst it’s under pressure in a vacuum, and although this is a chemical treatment it’s completely safe for children and pets, unlike creosote which is often applied to reclaimed railway sleepers.

Timber sleepers 2.4 m

Our new timber sleepers measure 2.4m (2400mm) long, 200mm high and 100mm wide, with c. 10mm tolerance. They are regular in size and condition, unlike reclaimed sleepers, which makes the design of your outdoor space and the installation of the sleepers a breeze. Reclaimed railway sleepers also tend to have badly damaged edges, whereas our new wood sleepers have tidy, sharp edges for a cleaner finish. Customers who prefer a more rustic finish but don’t want creosote impregnated wood will often refinish the sleepers themselves to add character.

Sleeper flower beds and sleepers for raised beds

Ideal for use in domestic garden and commercial contexts, these are sleepers for raised beds and for flower beds, and can even be used as retaining walls. The chemical treatment does not leach and so these sleepers are safe for use in kitchen gardens and allotments where vegetables will be grown.

Impregnated with a green treatment, our wood sleepers will be delivered with a light green hue and will go on to develop an attractive silver-grey appearance as they’re bleached in the sun, a process that usually takes 3-6 months.

Cheapest railway sleepers

Our sleepers are available for only £18.50/ea (ex. VAT), and are some of the most affordable in Lancashire and the North West region. Cheaper sleepers tend not to be pressure treated to the same standard as those supplied by North West Aggregates.

Deliveries will be made by grab truck and depending on access and the conditions on site, the product can be delivered right where you need it.

Key features

  • 2.4m (L) x 200m (H) x 100m (W) +/- 10mm
  • Light green hue on delivery, weathers to silver-grey.
  • Tanalised/pressure treated for long life.
  • Pet and child friendly, unlike creosote impregnated products.
  • Suited to both domestic and commercial contexts.
  • Affordable at only £18.50/ea (ex. VAT).
  • Eco-friendly and sustainably sourced.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions regarding delivery.

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