Brown Rock Salt

£100.00£190.00 inc. VAT

Brown grit salt, ideal as a driveway de-icer or for use on other large areas such as roads, car parks and paths. Brown snow grit does leave a gritty residue which provides some traction to pedestrian and vehicles but is messier than the white salt we offer. Available in 25kg bags, 1000kg (1 tonne) bulk bags and 10+ tonne loose loads.

Brown Rock Salt £100.00£190.00 inc. VAT

Our brown snow grit salt or driveway de-icer can be delivered in Manchester, Liverpool and throughout the Lancashire area, so we can help ensure you have ample stock of snow grit available when the weather turns cold. Supplied in 25kg or bulk bags, this brown granular product will melt snow and ice and also prevent it from forming on driving or walking surfaces. Often used as a driveway de-icer outside homes, our snow grit is comparable to the material used by councils and as such can also be used in commercial settings – such as on car parks, roads, paths and pavements. Brown snow grit differs from white as it contains more impurities and can leave a messy residue that may be walked into properties if care is not taken to clean footwear, but these impurities also provide extra traction to vehicles and pedestrians. It’s also less expensive than white rock salt so more suitable to be used on larger areas.

Grit salt spreading guide

Use approximately 10-15 grams of grit salt per square metre when melting ice. Where snow is likely to fall it’s recommended to increase that to 20-30 grams per square meter.

Need loose load delivery of snow grit salt?

We’re able to offer the most competitive pricing in the North West on bulk grit, supplied loose or in bulk bags depending on your preference. If you require loose load delivery please call us direct on 01282 428211.

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Brown rock salt

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