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Peat Free Compost Bulk Bag (750ltr)


Peat Free Compost Bulk Bag (750ltr)

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Quantity: 750ltr bulk bag.

Coverage: 750ltrs of peat free compost will typically cover 10m² (10m x 1m) at a depth of 50mm.

Consists of: Peat free compost (pH 6.5-7.5).

Usage: Our peat free compost is ideal for mulching and use in flowerbeds and borders to improve poor soil. It can also be used on vegetable plots and when planting trees and shrubs.

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Our peat free compost has a higher nutrient content than peat compost, and releases those nutrients slowly to nourish plants over a longer period of time - without turning the soil acidic. Peat free compost also retains moisture well, helping your plants thrive during the hotter months. For plants that are in need of good drainage throughout winter, simply add some grit and sharp sand to the compost to create the ideal balance between drainage and water retention. Peat composts are typically only suggested for use in conjunction with specialist plants whereas our peat free compost is ideal for general garden. To create a rich potting mix, use equal parts compost to soil when preparing your growing medium. This product can also be used as mulch by adding a layer on top of existing soil where you have plants, shrugs and trees growing, encouraging growth while insulating the roots of vulnerable plants that could otherwise be damaged by frost.

Amongst the many benefits of peat free compost, it is natural and environmentally friendly thanks to its production not requiring the unsustainable removal of peat bogs, which disrupts wildlife habitats. Using our peat free compost is the perfect way for you to do your bit for the environment and your garden is sure to thank you.

A peat free compost bulk bag will cover an area approximately 10m2 at a depth of 50mm.

Key features:
  • Packed with nutrients for to encourage plant development.
  • Increases water retention to support plant growth in the hotter months.
  • A versatile growing medium; add to existing soil or use as mulch.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to peat based composts.
  • Bulk bag covers 10m2 area at a depth of 50mm.
  • pH neutral (6.5-7.5) to suit most plant types.
  • Can be mixed with grit and sharp sand to provide better water drainage for plants which need it during wet conditions.
  • Mixing compost into soil improves soil structure for ultimate plant development.
  • Contact us if you require loose load delivery.
  • Bag size:
    750ltr bulk bag
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Judith - Clitheroe

Happy with product

Very happy with the compost. Looks good and very easy to dig in. A little let down by the delivery this time. I didn't get it on the day requested, which wasn't a problem, but i waited in all day and had to ring to enquire. I was informed they were busy and would deliver the next day. Apparently someone should have rung to update me which i would have been ok with. I would still use these again though. Driver was really helpful and accommodating.

Nicolas de steur - Darwen

High quality and quick delivery

It's a high quality compost at a very reasonable price .

Gerard Devereux - Manchester

Perfect compost

I purchased this product to feed my garden beds and provide a winter mulch. Really nice stuff full of body and great to work with.

james kendall - manchester

excellent quality

excellent quality compost, was compacted at the bottom but easy to work free with a fork and the borders have never looked better. friendly delivery as well.