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White Rock Salt - 10 Tonne Minimum Bulk Order

As you can imagine, larger jobs need larger supplies. With that in mind, we at Greenvale are happy to supply bulk buy weights (10 tonnes) of our white rock salt. Various areas such as hospitals and schools can benefit from our white rock salt bulk buys, especially because they are purer and cleaner which is ideal for areas in need of more care. When you come to Greenvale for bulk buys of white rock salt, as well as delivering on pallets right to your front door in Lancashire or across the North West, we are offering a discount on all rock salt bulk orders. It’s always a good idea to stock up on early on white rock salt, especially with winter just around the corner, so be prepared and give us a call today. Please call us for quantity and prices of bulk rock salt 01282 428211

£0.00 (ex. VAT)
White Rock Salt - Full Pallet (40 x Large Pack)

We at Greenvale supply our rock salt supplies in three varying amounts, including 25kg large bags. This amount is perfect for smaller areas in need of white rock salt such as garden paths or driveways. With the bags weighing only 25kg’s, you can expect that this product is compact and easy to carry/manoeuvre. When you order our 25kg bags for delivery across the North West, they will be supplied on pallets which makes for easy transportation and re-sale. If you feel that you will benefit from our white rock salt 25kg bags, get in touch today and start preparing for the winter ahead. We sell 10x, 20x, and 40x 25kg bags of white rock salt.

£166.67 (ex. VAT)
White Rock Salt - Tonne Bag

The medial weight of our white rock salt supplies are 1 tonne bags, or 1000kg bags if you like. Opting for our 1 tonne bags of white rock salt would be perfect for areas such as street paths or roads. Just like all other products, we offer a quick and easy delivery of our white rock salt tonne bags around the North West on pallets which make transportation of even the heaviest of products uncomplicated. Our supplies of white rock salt are capable of fighting even the iciest of surfaces, so preparing for the winter ahead has never been easier. Benefit from our white rock salt tonne bags today.

£108.33 (ex. VAT)