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White Rock Salt

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White Rock Salt

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White de-icing salt, perfect for melting ice and snow and preventing it from forming on driveways, paths and steps. White de-icing salt is a relatively clean product so you can avoid people traipsing mess into your property and soiling carpets and other surfaces.

Available in 25kg bags, 1000kg (1 tonne) bulk bags and 10+ tonne loose loads.

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White de-icing salt or marine salt is derived from evaporated sea water and therefore must be sourced from warmer climates such as Spain and Egypt. Because it isn't dug out of the ground it's a purer product with fewer impurities, ideal when you want to avoid the mess left behind by brown grit. Once harvested, white de-icing salt is imported to the UK in shipping containers, explaining its slightly higher cost and its scarcity during the winter months when it can be more difficult to source. White rock salt is just as effective as the brown road grit you may be accustomed to seeing on the UK's road network, and is frequently seen in use around schools and shopping centres where care is being taken to avoid a gritty brown mess being traipsed into buildings and onto carpets. White de-icing salt is also slightly finer than brown grit, making it easier to handle and spread on surfaces such as driveways, paths and car parks. Available in 25kg bags or 1000kg (1 tonne) bulk bags.

How much de-icing salt to use

Use c. 10-15 grams of white de-icing salt per square metre to melt ice and prevent its formation on surfaces. Where snow is expected to fall we recommended increasing that to 20-30 grams per square meter.

Require loose load delivery?

We offer the most competitive pricing on bulk marine salt in Lancashire and the wider North West region. Bulk white de-icing salt is supplied loose via tipper truck or in bulk bags, depending on your preference. If you need loose load delivery please call us direct on 01282 428211 to discuss your requirements - our friendly team will be only too happy to help.
  • Salt type:
    White rock salt
  • Bag size:
    20 x 25kg bags
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