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Weed Control Membrane

Weed Control Membrane | Geotextile Landscape Fabric

Weed Control Membrane

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Size: 1m x 10m/4.5m x 11m

Coverage: Each roll can cover 10m² (1m x 10m) or 49.5m² (4.5m x 11m)

Consists of: Geotextile membrane.

Usage: Can be used to suppress weeds under driveways, paths, decking, flowerbeds, borders, patios, shed bases, greenhouse bases and more.

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Our heavy duty weed control fabric can help you take back control of your garden. Simply lay the geotextile membrane over prepared soil, before covering with aggregate or ornamental bark, ensure that light will be prevented from reaching the growing medium. Without light, weeds and even grass cannot establish, but gardening membrane does allow water and nutrients to reach the roots of plants. This allows you to spend more time enjoying your garden and less time maintaining your flower beds and borders. Other uses for weed suppressing membrane include covering plants during winter as an alternative to mulch, and covering your lawn if you intend to reclaim parts of the lawn for a border or flowerbed. Once the area of lawn has died back and you've prepared the soil, you can re-use the fabric for weed control purposes.

Landscape fabric can also be used to suppress weeds underneath driveways, paths, decking and anywhere you want a surface of decorative stone or aggregate to be free of weeds.

Key features:
  • Heavy duty, puncture resistant landscape fabric.
  • Prevent light from reaching the growing medium to prevent weeds from establishing.
  • Water permeable to allow rainwater and nutrients to reach plants.
  • Use under driveways, paths, decking, flowerbeds, borders, patios, shed bases, greenhouse bases and more.
  • Versatile material can be used as an alternative to mulch to protect plants.
  • Ideal for long-term weed suppression, reducing the need to use weed killer.
  • Easily cut to size with a pair of gardening scissors and slits for plants can be cut with a Stanley knife.
  • Can be held in place with plastic or metal securing pegs.
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